Ed’s Story


 Ed’s journey from Jogger to Racer

In 2012 Ed Norton gave up his favourite game of football to avoid recurring injury and took up running to maintain his fitness level. However, solo running proved to be a bit boring and non-progressive.
In 2014 Ed learned about Jog Scotland and how it was the aim of this Organisation to inspire and instruct people to become and remain fit through Jogging and running.
That same year Ed joined his local Jog Scotland Dunfermline group and soon found that being part of a group gave him a new and improved inspiration and attitude towards running.
Ed’s renewed vigour led to frequent attendances at the local Parkruns and encouraged by his fellow Jog Scotland Dunfermline members achieved a remarkable series of personal bests.
In November 2014 Ed made his major event debut at the Edinburgh Morun, again accompanied by his Jog Scotland Group members and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Success followed success in the intervening years until Ed’s remarkable ability was spotted by a newly formed local group known as the PH Racing club.eds-pic-1

Ed was invited to join the group and eagerly took up the offer.
Ed’s penchant for PB’s increased and incredibly within months of joining the PH group he reached the dizzy heights of 9th fastest male in the UK in his Super-vet age category.
Despite his success Ed never lost sight of how it all began for him. In the true tradition and within the ethos of Jog Scotland Ed took his wife under his wing and is currently coaching Rose towards improved performances at races they both attend locally and further afield in the UK.
Jog Scotland Dunfermline is extremely proud to have been associated with such a success story and wish the winning couple all the best for the future
Jog Scotland Dunfermline – November 2016