Ability Levels

Ability Levels

What level of ability do I need to have?

The jogscotland ethos is all about encouraging the people of Scotland to don their trainers and adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. We cater for all abilities, from those who have never jogged before to those who are more advanced runners.

We currently run with four different levels; walker, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each group of walkers/joggers is supported by our experienced jog leaders. You will be taken through a variety of structured runs to get you used to all the different types of training you need to be active and healthy.

We encourage everyone to run at their own pace which ensures that there are opportunities for those who want to get fitter or just want a bit of running company. In addition, we support those who are looking for some extra encouragement to meet a specific goal.

If you are considering coming along, but are unsure for any reason please get in touch with us here.