15th Anniversary Run

15th Anniversary Run

15k Anniversary Run

10k Route after Parkrun

Event: Jog Scotland Dunfermline 15th year anniversary celebration15k run.
Date: Saturday 5th May 2018.

More details:
The celebration run will cover a combined distance of 15k, starting with the Dunfermline 5k Parkrun followed by an additional 10k, starting at the Parkrun finish point, going around the Town and finishing at the entrance to the Dell Farquharson Centre (see map above)
Post run meeting venue: Dell Farquharson 11:00 – 14:00.

Post run refreshments: A light buffet will be provided with tea coffee and soft drinks.

Cost: free.


Who can take part:
1. Walkers, Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced – Parkrun – start at 09:30
2. Intermediate & Advanced – Parkrun + 10K – start at 09:30
3. Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced – 10K – start at 09:55 to 10:10